J. Paul Cook, MD

Dr. J Paul Cook, Omaha, NE

J. Paul Cook, MD

Dr. Cook partnered with Dr Gilbert Head (now retired) in 2000.  They moved their clinic to the Legacy area in Omaha in 2013 and adopted the name Family Medicine at Legacy. Dr. Cook remains intrigued and inspired by the complexities of medical science, human physiology, basic reality, and the quirks of peoples and problems.

He appreciates the opportunity to perform minor procedures and to pursue complicated conditions. And, the ordinary is a refreshing change of pace. He has been informed by both traditional medical practice and more holistic perspectives. He intends to be open and honest in his assessment of all approaches to health.

Dr. Cook grew up in Nebraska, in Laurel and Omaha. He earned his Bachelor’s in Business at UN-Lincoln, his Master’s of Divinity degree in Louisville, Kentucky, and his MD from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. He took his Family Medicine Residency training at Clarkson Family Medicine / Hospital in Omaha.

He and his wife Chris have four children and (so far) eight grandchildren.

J. Paul Cook, MD is Board Certified in Family Medicine.