New Chart Procedures

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New Chart Procedures

March 2024

To our Dear Patients and to Potential New Patients,

We are about to encounter severe turbulence in our clinic as we transition from one e-charting system to another one.

The new system introduces new processes for medical charting, ordering tests, tracking test results, for scheduling, for billing and for communications with you all.It’s possible that Dr. Cook will be more cranky than usual.

We’re apologizing in advance for the inconveniences this may cause you. And, we’ll appreciate your understanding.

In order to digest the new system and develop new efficiencies while we maintain appropriate documentation and provide good care, we’ll be reducing the maximum number of patients we encounter on any given day. We’ll be slower to the phone. Patient Portal communications will be disrupted. We’ll be rescheduling some routine appointments to later in the year so that we have a manageable work flow in the upcoming transition months.

The transition project has begun, and will move to actual adoption shortly after March 15.

We’re hoping to operate like e-charting pros again before June 15!

Thank you for your friendliness to our staff and for the trust you have shown in us over the years. Sympathy cards will be appreciated and even cherished!

Dr. Cook

Family Medicine at Legacy